Since May 1  2010, the Cuban government made obligatory to all visitors and tourists to hire a insurance policy covering the expenses incurred in the event of any disease or accident the tourist suffers during its time in Cuba. has a TourOperador Policy (43/11514) contract with ESICUBA (Cuban Insurance company) that offer covers specifically adapted to tourists visiting Cuba. There are five different cover levels to choose from.

1 – Básico         – Cover Limit: 28.000 CUC; Base Fee: 2,00 €/day

2 – A.Súper      – Cover Limit: 27.000 CUC; Base Fee: 2,60 €/day

3 – Súper          – Cover Limit: 33.000 CUC; Base Fee: 3,00 €/day

4 – A.Especial – Cover Limit: 40.000 CUC; Base Fee: 3,40 €/day

5 – Especial      – Cover Limit: 46000 CUC; Base Fee: 4,00 €/day

Staying period from 1 to 6 days: Fee equal to 7 days

Staying period from 31 to 33 days: Fee equal to 30 days

Staying period from 34 to 60 days: 10% discount on Base Fee

Staying period from 61 to 67 days: Fee equal to 60 days

Staying period superior to 67 days: 20% discount on Base Fee

The Base Fee does not cover the expenses incurred by doing High Risk Activities (Diving, Climbing, Horse Riding, etc.). If you wish to do High Risk Activities while keeping the cover of your Insurance Policy you can get this specific and optional cover by paying an Extra Fee of 3,00 €/day (People older than 70 años are excluded).

In the event of a disease or accident in Cuba the tourist who bought an Insurance Policy in our web should contact  ASISTUR (Cuban Insurance company). Click here to consult the data and details on ESICUBA, ASISTUR and discover the multiple advantages of hiring with ASISTUR (Cuban Insurance company) versus an International Insurance.

Policy Managment Fee: 5,99 €

Included in each individual (personal) policy hired.

Your individual Policy will be delivered to you via email, once your data has been registered in ESICUBA who will assign an individual Policy Number each person covered.

You can contact for any doubt or specific question about our Insurance Policy via our contacts, or an email to

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