Travel Insurances

Since May 1st , 2010 the Cuban government made compulsory for all its visitors to hire an insurance policy covering the incurred expenses in the event of any disease or accident suffered by tourists during their stay in Cuba.

Not all international insurances are valid. They must be authorized previously by Cuban authorities. In case of an arrival with no insurance or with one not accepted by the Cuban government, the individual should acquire an insurance policy in the airport with a minimum premium of 2,50 cuc per person a day (See Covers). has a TourOperador Policy (43/12612) contract with ESICUBA (Cuban Insurance company) that offers covers specifically adapted to tourists visiting Cuba. There are five different cover categories to choose from:

1 – Basic           – Cover Limit: 28.000 CUC; Base Fee: 2,00 €/day

2 – A.Super      – Cover Limit: 27.000 CUC; Base Fee: 2,60 €/day

3 – Super          – Cover Limit: 33.000 CUC; Base Fee: 3,00 €/day

4 – A.Special    – Cover Limit: 40.000 CUC; Base Fee: 3,40 €/day

5 – Special        – Cover Limit: 46.000 CUC; Base Fee: 4,00 €/day


Staying period from   1 to   6 days: Premium equal to 7 days

Staying period from 31 to 33 days: Premium equal to 30 days

Staying period from 34 to 60 days: 10% discount on Base Premium

Staying period from 61 to 67 days: Premium equal to 60 days

Staying period superior to 67 days: 20% discount on Base Premium

30% discount on Base Premium for staying periods superior to 180 days a year (direct sale, not online)

2.Super Assistance and 4.Special Assistance categories are oriented to the north American market and do not cover some basic guaranties in a travel insurance. recommends hiring 1.Basic, 3.Super and 5.Special categories to non-North American tourists.

The Base Premium does not cover the expenses incurred by accidents during High Risk Activities (Diving, Climbing, Horse Riding, etc). If you wish to do High Risk Activities while keeping the cover of your insurance policy, you can hire this additional cover by paying an ExtraPremium 3,00 €/day (Elders passed 70 years old are excluded).

In case of disease or accident in Cuba, tourists who bought their insurance policy in our web should contact ASISTUR (Cuban Insurance Company). Click here to consult ESICUBA and ASISTUR data to know the multiple advantages of hiring services from a Cuban Insurance Company versus an international one in case of required assistancee.

In regard to medical expenses of insured tourists who contract the virus Covid-19 (Coronavirus), ASISTUR has confirmed to thah insurance company ESICUBA wil cover the medical assistance of all tourists infected with the virus while in Cuban territory to the established limit in the hired insurance category.

Insurance Policy Issue Expenses: 5,99€

Insurance policies will be sent via e-mail in two business days, if online-purchased the same month of the cover effective date or, the first day of the month of cover effective date, if online-purchased in any previous month; once the insured personal information and stay dates are registered in ESICUBA.

In case of trip suspension or cancelation, will reimburse the whole premium if requested, at least, two days before cover effective date (the insurance policy issue expenses will not be reimbursed). ESICUBA neither cancels insurance policies nor refunds the purchased premiums, except for those generated during the ongoing month.

Please enter in case of any doubts or specific consultation on our insurance policy and its purchase via

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