What is Guided?

Guided is the mos affordable hosting mode offered by, in which the tourist choose the City, check-in date, check-out date and the Hostel/Room rating. will assign your Hostel 24 hours before the Check-in date and send you the details by email and sms.

All the rooms have AC and a private bathroom with hot water.

Cities with Hosting services:

2 Stars: Room with a rating from 5,00 to 6,50

3 Stars: Room with a rating from 6,51 to 8,00

4 Stars: Room with a rating greater than 8,00

2 Stars: 20 €/Night

3 Stars: 25 €/Night

4 Stars: 30 €/Night

Adult companions: 5,00 €/Night

Kids under 12 year old: 2.50 €/Night only offer its services in Cities where its own Agents are present. Check here our Agents network.

Hosting management fee: 5,99 €/Hostel.

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