Insurance 1. Basic


Maximum Cover Limit: 28.000 CUC (1 CUC equal to  1 USD)

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Insurance Policy Issue Expenses: 7.000 CUC

  • Medical Assistance in case of a NON pre-existing accident or disease: up 7.000 CUC
  • First Medical Attention in case of preexisting disease: up to 300 CUC
  • Outpatient Medications: up to 300 CUC
  • Medications in case of hospitalization: Included in Maximum Cover Limit
  • Companions expenses during hospitalization: up to 1200 CUC (50 CUC/day maximum)
  • Emergency Dentistry: up to 300 CUC (150 CUC/piece maximum)
  • Medical Transport: Included in Maximum Cover Limit

Repatriations Cover (Medical or Funerary): up to 15.000 CUC

  • Return of the companionof the repatriated individual: Included
  • Relative transfer: Included
  • Hotel expenses due to convalescence: up 600 CUC (120 CUC/day maximum)
  • Companion for minors and adults: Included

Advanced Funds Cover:

  • Advanced Funding for legal assistance payment due to responsibility in an accident: Loan of no more than 3.000 CUC
  • Advanced Funding for Bails: Loan of no more than 3.000 CUC

Baggage Loss Cover in Trips:

  • Baggage Location: Included
  • Compensation for Baggage Loss: Complementary NO included
  • Compensation for Baggage Location Delay: up to 200 CUC

Document Management Cover

  • Assistance in case of theft or loss of documents: Included
  • Management Expenses for Documents Loss: up to 300 CUC

Cover of Other Expenses

  • Urgent messages sending: Included
  • Refund in case of canceled or delayed flight: 100 CUC
  • Fare Differences in case of delayed or anticipated return trip: Included


The present insurance policy doesn’t cover the expenses generated by:

  1. Insurer services that have not been requested through ASISTUR Alarm Center or that have been carried out without its concern, except for those of superior force or proven material impossibility.
  2. Accidents caused by fraud of the insured, the policy holder or the people travelling with the insured. Medical conditions, diseases or injuries derived directly or indirectly of fights (except in legitimate defense), strikes, vandalism acts or crowds in which the insured would have participated as an active element; attempting or carrying out an illegal and, in general, any criminal or fraudulent act, including providing false or dissenting information compared to reality.
  3. Accidents in case of war, (declared or not), demonstrations and popular movements, terrorist and sabotage acts, strikes, arrests from any form of authority for crimes not derived of car accident, restrictions on the free movement or any other case of superior force, unless the insured proves that the accident isn’t related to such events.
  4. Participating in competitions of any kind, as well as trainings, tests, bets and consequences from the practice of dangerous and high risks hobbies, including but not limited only to: hunting, underwater activities, hang-gliding, mountain climbing, motorcycling, motor racing, boxing, all-terrain vehicles, etc. This exclusion can be removed by paying an extra-premium.
  5. Accidents caused by irradiations coming from transmutation, nuclear fission or radioactivity.
  6. Sea or mountain rescue
  7. Air travels by planes not meant and authorized for public transportation
  8. Suicide or medical conditions and injuries from attempted suicide or intentionally caused by the insured
  9. Treatments, diseases and pathologies, as well as any event caused by intentional drugs ingestion or administration; also alcohol, narcotics or the use of medications without medical prescription.
  10. Expenses on prosthesis, orthosis, or medical assistance of any kind, for either internal or external use, including but not only limited to: orthopedic articles, dental prosthesis, hearing aids, glasses, contact lenses, splints, crutches, nebulizers, respirators, etc.
  11. Pregnancies, labors and abortions, regardless of its etiology, as well as any event derived from an advanced pregnancy, except in case of a clear and unpredictable complication. Pregnancies with more than 26 weeks are excluded regardless of the nature of the event that leads to treatment.
  12. Any event derived from a mental health condition, regardless of cause and even if temporary.
  13. Blood pressure controls. Hypertension and its consequences.
  14. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, AIDS and HIV in all forms and consequences. Venereal or Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  15. Chronical and/or preexisting diseases: Studies and/or medical treatments related to chronical, preexisting, congenital or recurring diseases and their symptoms (known or not by the insured) are excluded.

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